2 & 3 Bed Property Investments from £39,995

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Our Simple Process of Purchase

We buy property on a one by one basis.

We never “bulk buy”, or “stock buy” as this practice is fraught with complications, leads to making costly errors, and buying properties not suitable or do not fit our stringent standards.

We buy property that is fit for purpose, we hand pick our investments ensuring our exacting standards are met on each and every purchase.

We take pride in choosing the most secure, lucrative options for our clients, and for vehicles that will perform during and after ownership.

Following is our process of purchase.

vip service


Read information via our website:

Request our brochure, or simply talk to us. We are completely transparent, open and honest.


Choose the size of property you wish to own:

Paying attention to costs, return, and an exit strategy.


Send/scan in your ID documentation

Normally one proof of address, and one photo I’D, like 1, Utility bill, 2, In date Passport, or Driving License


We will forward details of select properties for you to consider:

A Reservation Agreement will start the official process of purchase highlighting costs, returns, and terms and conditions of a mutual business relationship.

Once you have signed and returned specific paperwork, we request a deposit, plus legal fees (10% of the total cost of investment property non refundable, legal fees £695)


We start the process of purchase via the solicitors:

One per buyer, and one per seller who liaise in order to ensure the UK regulatory guidelines are adhered to, and that relevant checks, and procedures take place in order to protect the rights of the buyer. The buyer must make a payment for the remaining 90% of the property cost, plus (if applicable) 3% stamp duty. We may require “Power of Attorney” rights to act as your partner within UK


On the completion date, both patties exchange ownership papers:

Deeds, and Buy to Let Investments begin the renovation of your property, usually taking 4 weeks to complete. The buyer receives their first payment one calendar month after exchange date.