NEST EGG 1 & 2

Fixed £39,995 & £49995 – Offering flexibility, choice & total control to clients

The “nest egg” promotion has been specifically designed for the needs and demands of potential clients wishing to invest in property, hoping to realise the potential of spare funds that are not reaching their potential returns offered by banks, Isa’s or pension products. At Added Value, we are constantly looking to fulfil and maximise client financial goals, and these products do that whilst ensuring a safe, reliable investment opportunity, where the stress, concerns, and lack of expertise is catered for, you simply rely upon our vast knowledge and expertise, and we protect you from the many and various potential pitfalls of buying a long term investment property, be it if you are looking for capital growth, and/or a simple buy to let opportunity.

We forecast that you should make a net growth of approximately £4,000 per annum for atleast the first 5 years plus any incremental income should you wish to pursue that avenue.

Reasons to buy Nest Egg Investment Vehicle:

tickExtremely low purchase price for a UK property with 100% ownership.

tickNo hassle owning, no maintenance or voids periods to worry about.

tickFlexibility to sell whenever you want.

tickRealise huge capital growth potential.

tickUse as a holiday home or short term lets as and when you please.

2D Plans

NB Drawings are for illustration purposes, investment sizes and designs will vary.

3d Plans

Learning from important and past experiences, we forecast you should see your investment double should you opt for a long term ownership. With the huge disparity in simple supply and demand equations within UK of numbers of houses available to buy coupled with the distinct lack of “affordable housing” you are sure to see your investment grow exponentially. We advise you to invest for a minimum 10 years to realise the full potential of your investment vehicle.

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