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Our promotions have been created and crafted through decades of research and due diligence from our expert team, past experiences, and a relentless application in providing the best offers not commonly known even within the United Kingdom. We have work tirelessly over years to provide these niche investment opportunities. The United Kingdom government supports enterprise ad businesses here are supported comprehensively. We have unearthed our remarkable offers through expertise gained through our dynamic and responsive teams of property acquisition, refurbishment, and lettings and are therefore able to offer low cost, high yield investments for a limited time. Clients are advised to seek continuity from researching our website, company brochure, talking to us, and communications through email to understand and appreciate our knowledge, expertise, and professionalism before, during and after sales. The UK government has opened its doors more so than ever now. The UK is enjoying a buoyant investment culture, and has secured more investment now than ever before. We are recognised as being one of the most positive, straight-forward, and reliable partners’. There so many benefits for investors. By buying smartly and swiftly, we are able to buy property below market value where savings are passed onto our clients ensuring the equation of low purchase price coupled with high net returns is applied to every opportunity.

Our unique and niche promotions are available now for a limited time. Purely because of simple rules of supply and demand. Whilst we will we continue to sell our niche deals, we anticipate the market in our field to change considerably over the next 9 to 30 months ( from February 2019). Natural progression ie the more we sell, the less number of units will be available, the higher the purchase prices will demand will slowly change the dynamics of the rental income percentage, and our remarkable equations will change. We recommend potential clients secure promotions as soon as you are confident to by following our simple process of purchase.

Anyone over the age of 18 who can provide the necessary ID proof can buy from anywhere in the world. You must provide ID requested, whilst possessing a valid bank account.

Whilst we are able to administer any currency, charges may apply, so we encourage 3 main currency criteria namely GBP (British Pounds), USD (United States Dollar) and EUR (euro)

We endeavour to keep our processes simple.

Non UK residents cannot secure a mortgage presently in fact clients are more comfortable paying cash by bank transfer in our experience.

Just like anywhere in the world, house prices depend on certain key aspects, for example; the size and condition of the property as well as key details such as the exact location within the given town, the condition of the property, the demographic of property, the size of property, the amenities around the location, schools, motorways, and links etc.

The simple answer is Yes. More than 85% of our clients buy remotely due to time constraints, availability, and ease, coupled with the secure buying process. We will communicate with you effectively and send all relevant information in a timely and professional manner throughout. Legal representatives from both sides usually work in cohesion ensuring a smooth and trouble free transition to ownership and subsequent working relationship.

Our niche properties are based in the North of the UK in over 46 locations scattered around pockets of major cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Preston. We are experiencing strong sales in our field through Added Value Property group along with excellent capital growth, however the rest of UK is not as strong due to inflated and unrealistic valuations akin to properties in London and the South. Rest assured knowing you have invested smartly with us.

You must follow our procedure and you need to provide ID details before visiting the UK. UK regulations specify that we must identify you before we start dealing with you.

You will need to state the source of funding – normally this is from ‘savings’ or ‘business profits’. If you are not able to visit at present and are not in the UK, we will need attested copies prior to the exchange of contracts. These can be attested by any UK solicitor beforehand (e.g. at the viewing visit) or by a Lawyer in the buyer’s own country, in which case the Land Registry form ID-1 may also need to be completed.

Yes, but not often, however, we would strongly advise that you do not. Buying a property investment is not a straightforward process. There are many known and unknown pitfalls that can and possibly will catch you out. We are confident you will not be able to match or beat our promotion investment options with any thing credible nor safe or trouble free. Again, this process should be left to experts in property acquisition. You can rest assured knowing we have made every effort in securing a savvy investment that cannot be rivalled within the UK,

Cost of purchase apply to anyone who purchases property whether UK resident or international buy, they are:

You are covered comprehensively buy our maintenance guarantee for breakdowns and day to day maintenance issues, there is no excess to pay.

It is recommended you book a flight and local hotel to Manchester where we will make arrangements to collect you, take you to view properties, meet with our legal team, and arrange collection and drop off to your hotel. If you decide to make a purchase, we will be happy to reimburse your travel and accommodation costs (terms and conditions apply). Flights to London Heathrow will require you to book a train journey vis Euston train station where you journey of approximate 2hous 20 minutes will bring you to our locality.

At Added Value Property Group we strive towards customer service excellence, and therefore look to service our clients needs above and beyond contracts. Clients are given the option to remain with us, however you are tied to our complete management services. We are in it for the long term guiding and assisting throughout.

We would not recommend clients or family members using investment properties for personal use, you are best leaving your asset to perform using your funds, unless you have purchased one of our ‘nest egg’ promotions where you are free to utelise your investment as you see fit.

The simple answer is no. Those wishing to apply for UK residency must apply through the normal means. We can forward details of specialist residency solicitors should you wish to live, work or study in UK.

It is highly recommended that you do not buy a larger property, instead you buy multiple units giving our market leading high & guaranteed rental income and excellent customer service benefits given as standard. See our case studies for guidance, or Added Value versus London investments.

Most of our customers e.g. those from Europe or those from countries with Treaties with UK may qualify for an allowance of about £12,500 which means that the first £12,500 per year in the UK is not taxed. Thereafter, for income above the allowance, you will have to pay 20% tax on net rental income after all costs. We can help you with this process and with claiming the allowance.

Gross income is the total rental income a property earns, however, our lettings partners charge a 19% fee for letting and manging your investment for the agreed term.

Yes. When purchasing the investment properties, the reservation agreement clearly lays out the terms. Funds are held in client accounts (where legally, funds belong to the customer) and your solicitor ensures registration is completed under your name at the UK Land Registry after exchange of contracts and full payment. All the Solicitors recommended and used in the purchase process are full regulated members of the UK Law Society.

We can help you sell your property and we can also buy back at the market price. Normally, your solicitor will be involved and the re-sale process will take about 3 months and you should budget for this. If you are looking to re-sell within 2 years, you should not purchase, as you may not make much profit due to purchase and sales costs. These investment options are best left to perform and mature for the long term.

Guaranteed Rent means that you receive the rent if your property should become vacant or if your tenant does not pay the rent. We do not offer a non-guaranteed option. Our 11% gross option is an extremely good return for the UK market. You can select to choose the guaranteed rent for 2 years on the property purchase if you wish. Guaranteed rent provides additional re-assurance to investors and is popular amongst overseas clients as it gives them certainty of income. Our exclusive Triple Guarantee is explained in our reservation agreements and is designed to completely cover and protect clients investments.

Discuss your requirements with us. Provide your full ID information, select the type of investment property needed and request the draft documents and agreements. Thereafter, you can decide to visit if you think you are likely to purchase. You should do your research and decide. After a period of price drops and stability, prices are now rising in the UK. We can only guarantee purchase price and promotions once your reservation agreement is signed, all details are fixed.

For our unparalleled customer service and promotional deals we do not charge a single penny. Clients will receive professional, unbiased and impartial advice throughout. We believe in transparency and clarity whilst ensuring honesty and reliability are of paramount importance. So to reiterate;

Furthermore, we do not believe in high pressure sales tactics. We much prefer clients take their time to be sure, confident and clear about our promotions. By providing comprehensive information to clients we believe you should make informed decisions.